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I always look at economics of the business
A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush and the question is how sure are you there are 2 in the bush and how long you have to wait to get them out
1. How many birds are in the bush?
2. When you gonna get them out?
3. How sure are you?
If interest rates are 15% roughly you've got 2 birds out of bush in 5 years equal to bird in the hand but if interest rates are 3% and you can get 2 birds out in 20 years it still makes sense to give up the bird in the hand because it's all gets back to discounting an interest rate. Often you don't know not only how many birds in the bush but in the case of internet companies there were not any birds in the bush but they still take the bird that you give them from the hand
Loop through all the subindustries and try to understand how many birds are in the bush from the perspective of economics of the business


Display GDP grow per year to compare with Revenue Change
1. Unilever PLC UL14,25514,17917,23917,29417,41514,81816,18723,49225,63225,66327,44426,16229,37129,77125,38753,27252,71353,71550,98251,980
2. L'Oréal S.A LRLCY11,89612,23014,98117,67219,67617,20920,83824,91724,41625,04225,86926,39129,61931,65927,26626,37925,83726,02426,93729,874
3. The Estée Lauder Companies Inc EL4,3674,6084,7505,1185,7906,3366,4647,0387,9117,3327,8128,8109,71410,18210,96910,78011,26211,82413,68314,86314,294
4. Coty Inc COTY4,0864,6114,6494,5524,4024,3747,6539,3698,6494,718
5. Herbalife Nutrition Ltd HLF9441,0201,0941,1591,3101,5671,8862,1462,3592,3252,7343,4554,0724,8254,9594,4694,4884,4284,9114,898
6. Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc NUS8808869649861,1381,1811,1151,1581,2481,3311,5371,7442,1703,1772,5702,2472,2082,2792,6792,420
7. Revlon, Inc REV1,4921,3221,1191,2991,2971,3321,3311,4001,3471,2961,3211,3811,4261,4951,9411,9142,3342,6942,5652,420
8. Edgewell Personal Care Company EPC1,9141,6941,7402,2332,8132,9903,0773,3654,3314,0004,2484,6464,5674,4664,4482,4212,3622,2982,2342,1411,950
9. USANA Health Sciences, Inc USNA1231141342002733283744234294375185826497187909191,0061,0471,1891,061
10. Medifast, Inc MED3.95.0212.352527407484105166258298357357285273275302501714
11. Inter Parfums, Inc IPAR102112130186236274321390446409460615654564499469521591676714
12. Nature's Sunshine Products, Inc NATR315319299258331352362367381343350368367378366325341342365362
13. e.l.f. Beauty, Inc ELF145191230270267265283
14. LifeVantage Corporation LFVN11.4839126208214190207199203226233
15. Mannatech, Incorporated MTEX150129141191295389410413333290228201173177190180180177174158
16. Natural Alternatives International, Inc NAII48425056799199978274665673637480114122132138119
17. Altabancorp ALTA00000008595123125
18. MusclePharm Corporation MSLP671111771671331028880
19. Natural Health Trends Corp NHTC8.322540631331941337746312431385312510,28226512,48328812,09319819278
20. Twinlab Consolidated Holdings, Inc TLCC76618286867373
21. CV Sciences, Inc CVSI02.1510.1911.5311.06214854
22. Integrated BioPharma, Inc INBP17.9815.2924222533586050393725373434374247445053
23. Reliv' International, Inc RELV6153637797114117111988579746968575246423635
24. Veru Inc VERU5.776.728.429.058.8311.1614.8219.3226282218.57353124332213.6615.863243
25. Shineco, Inc TYHT31333534443124
26. Cyanotech Corporation CYAN7.
27. Synergy CHC Corp SNYR0.0113.4635363429
28. Scott's Liquid Gold-Inc SLGD29242524232416.1417.9215.9114.1814.415.6216.0419.29242935423728
29. Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc NEPT00001.664.026.287.5910.256.6512.1517.1719.342517.626.12347282430
30. FitLife Brands, Inc FTLF0.012.538.748.1512.0918.0919.6819.9617.932517.817.0819.5
31. United-Guardian, Inc UG10.459.589.0911.1611.1212.1412.211.8912.2913.2813.7214.3413.8315.4213.4514.0110.7812.9713.7713.6
32. China Health Industries Holdings, Inc CHHE4363597.739.7110.237.826.376.559.289.93
33. China SXT Pharmaceuticals, Inc SXTC3.724.887.027.015.16
34. Trident Brands Incorporated TDNT0000.020.174.745.662.15
35. Cannabis Sativa, Inc CBDS00.
36. MYOS RENS Technology Inc MYOS000.10.913.323.340.160.330.530.361.03
37. Dragon Jade International Limited DGJI0.330.090.340.220.120.92
38. DSwiss, Inc DQWS0.
39. NeutriSci International Inc NRXCF0.2500.
40. Skinvisible, Inc SKVI0.
41. UPD Holding Corp UPDC00000.040.010
42. ZIVO Bioscience, Inc ZIVO00.26000000
43. Enertopia Corp ENRT0000.010.010000
44. Groove Botanicals, Inc GRVE00.140.0500000.050.250.320.
45. Nextera Enterprises, Inc NXRA161122760007.487.94
46. Joey New York, Inc JOEY0.
47. RBC Life Sciences, Inc RBCL2227302528282525282426
48. NuVim, Inc NUVM1.710.960.720.940.80.370.170.080000
49. Livewire Ergogenics, Inc LVVV0.
50. Herborium Group, Inc HBRM89757074710.830.760.410.
51. MJ Biotech, Inc MJTV0000.02000
52. Youngevity International, Inc YGYI407586134157163166162
53. Imagenetix, Inc IAGX4.577.577.655.65.577.466.67.13
54. Mix1 Life, Inc MIXX0001.54
55. Tristar Wellness Solutions Inc TWSI00000.0101.080.790.920.36003.785.55
56. China Dongsheng International, Inc CDSG1.271.251.441.571.422.991.7419.7831
57. Empowered Products, Inc EMPO2.9934.614.47
58. Lee Pharmaceuticals, Inc LPHM8.88.479.238.768.53
59. PC Group, Inc PCGR11.6410.5318.682530403543454145
60. Human Pheromone Sciences, Inc EROX3.242.51.960.651.140.411.231.290.990.890.810.57
61. Rejuvel Bio-Sciences, Inc NUUU00.010.050.09
62. Ascendia Brands, Inc ASCBQ1.152.633.11.58661.517080100
63. PacificHealth Laboratories, Inc PHLI3.846.155.125.456.815.456.217.437.2487.26.91
64. Williamsville Sears Management, Inc WSML0000
65. Global Pharmatech, Inc GBLP0.011.563.092.132.82

Revenue Growth

Display GDP growth per year to compare with Revenue Change
1. Unilever PLC UL0.990.991.2211.010.851.091.451.0911.070.951.121.010.852.10.991.020.951.02
2. L'Oréal S.A LRLCY1.
3. The Estée Lauder Companies Inc EL1.
4. Coty Inc COTY1.
5. Herbalife Nutrition Ltd HLF1.
6. Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc NUS1.
7. Revlon, Inc REV0.890.890.851.1611.0311.050.960.961.
8. Edgewell Personal Care Company EPC0.890.891.
9. USANA Health Sciences, Inc USNA0.930.931.171.51.361.
10. Medifast, Inc MED1.291.292.462.061.081.471.851.131.261.571.561.
11. Inter Parfums, Inc IPAR1.
12. Nature's Sunshine Products, Inc NATR1.011.010.940.861.
13. e.l.f. Beauty, Inc ELF1.321.321.21.180.990.991.07
14. LifeVantage Corporation LFVN3.393.393.241.651.030.891.090.971.021.111.03
15. Mannatech, Incorporated MTEX0.860.861.091.361.541.321.051.010.810.870.790.880.861.021.070.9510.980.980.91
16. Natural Alternatives International, Inc NAII0.880.881.
18. MusclePharm Corporation MSLP1.651.651.60.940.790.770.860.9
19. Natural Health Trends Corp NHTC2.982.981.61.592.121.460.690.570.60.670.771.321.21.42.3782.530.0347.130.0242.030.020.970.4
20. Twinlab Consolidated Holdings, Inc TLCC0.810.811.331.060.990.861
21. CV Sciences, Inc CVSIINFINF4.731.130.961.872.331.11
22. Integrated BioPharma, Inc INBP0.850.851.540.941.141.291.771.040.830.790.940.681.460.9211.
23. Reliv' International, Inc RELV0.860.861.
24. Veru Inc VERU1.
25. Shineco, Inc TYHT1.
26. Cyanotech Corporation CYAN1.
27. Synergy CHC Corp SNYR1495.151495.152.591.020.950.87
28. Scott's Liquid Gold-Inc SLGD0.840.841.030.980.931.070.671.110.890.891.
29. Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc NEPTNANNANNANNANINF2.421.561.211.350.651.831.411.
30. FitLife Brands, Inc FTLF210.83210.833.450.931.481.
31. United-Guardian, Inc UG0.920.920.951.2311.091.010.971.
32. China Health Industries Holdings, Inc CHHE1.461.460.940.
33. China SXT Pharmaceuticals, Inc SXTC1.311.311.4410.74
34. Trident Brands Incorporated TDNTNANNANINF34.5910.1428.231.190.38
35. Cannabis Sativa, Inc CBDS7.157.151.622.5110.91.592.29
36. MYOS RENS Technology Inc MYOSNANNANINF9.213.641.
37. Dragon Jade International Limited DGJI0.260.263.910.670.547.59
38. DSwiss, Inc DQWS2.12.10.891.321.211.24
39. NeutriSci International Inc NRXCF00INF5.21.210.551.17
40. Skinvisible, Inc SKVI1.471.473.291.052.681.630.811.130.990.370.80.791.50.250.823.180.625.780.110.62
44. Groove Botanicals, Inc GRVE67.567.50.360NANNANNANINF51.280.820.711.350.650.950.710.481.08
45. Nextera Enterprises, Inc NXRA0.760.760.620NANNANINF1.06
46. Joey New York, Inc JOEY1.091.090.388.59
47. RBC Life Sciences, Inc RBCL1.
48. NuVim, Inc NUVM0.560.560.751.310.840.460.470.490.031.180.720.5
49. Livewire Ergogenics, Inc LVVV0.370.370.991.630.042.250NAN
50. Herborium Group, Inc HBRM0.840.840.941.060.960.010.920.530.531.210.892.921.041.181.08
51. MJ Biotech, Inc MJTVINFINF0.4525.330.040NAN
52. Youngevity International, Inc YGYI1.861.861.141.571.
53. Imagenetix, Inc IAGX1.661.661.010.7311.340.881.08
54. Mix1 Life, Inc MIXXNANNANINF768.77
55. Tristar Wellness Solutions Inc TWSINANNANNANNANINF0.45380.741.160.40NANINF1.47
56. China Dongsheng International, Inc CDSG0.990.991.161.090.912.10.5811.381.58
57. Empowered Products, Inc EMPO1.011.011.540.97
58. Lee Pharmaceuticals, Inc LPHM0.960.961.090.950.97
59. PC Group, Inc PCGR1.
60. Human Pheromone Sciences, Inc EROX0.770.770.780.331.760.362.961.050.770.890.910.71
61. Rejuvel Bio-Sciences, Inc NUUU5.325.326.461.83
62. Ascendia Brands, Inc ASCBQ2.
63. PacificHealth Laboratories, Inc PHLI1.61.60.831.
64. Williamsville Sears Management, Inc WSMLNANNANNANNAN
65. Global Pharmatech, Inc GBLP141.42141.421.980.691.32