Health Care Technology

I always look at economics of the business
A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush and the question is how sure are you there are 2 in the bush and how long you have to wait to get them out
1. How many birds are in the bush?
2. When you gonna get them out?
3. How sure are you?
If interest rates are 15% roughly you've got 2 birds out of bush in 5 years equal to bird in the hand but if interest rates are 3% and you can get 2 birds out in 20 years it still makes sense to give up the bird in the hand because it's all gets back to discounting an interest rate. Often you don't know not only how many birds in the bush but in the case of internet companies there were not any birds in the bush but they still take the bird that you give them from the hand
Loop through all the subindustries and try to understand how many birds are in the bush from the perspective of economics of the business


Display GDP grow per year to compare with Revenue Change
1. Cerner Corporation CERN4055437528409261,1611,3781,5201,6761,6721,8502,2032,6652,9113,4034,4254,7965,1425,3665,693
2. Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc MDRX3803845487057931,4441,4461,3731,3781,3861,5501,8061,7341,771
3. Omnicell, Inc OMCL678788102124122155213252213222246314381441485693716787897
4. Veeva Systems Inc VEEV611302103134095446868621,104
5. Evolent Health, Inc EVH4010197254435627846
6. Inovalon Holdings, Inc INOV300296362437428449528642
7. HMS Holdings Corp HMSY98596974856088147185229303364474492443474490521598626
8. Teladoc Health, Inc TDOC19.914477123233423553
9. NextGen Healthcare, Inc NXGN364044557189119157187246292353430460445490492510531529540
10. GoodRx Holdings, Inc GDRX250388
11. Tabula Rasa HealthCare, Inc TRHC487094135204285
12. Computer Programs and Systems, Inc CPSI4960748183109116110120128153173183201205182267277280275
13. HealthStream, Inc HSTM9.6513.515.7918.22027324452576682104132171209226248232254
14. Vocera Communications, Inc VCRA578010110395104128163180181
15. Health Catalyst, Inc HCAT73113155
16. Castlight Health, Inc CSLT4.1512.974675102131156143
17. Phreesia, Inc PHR80100125
18. NantHealth, Inc NH3446100878996
19. Accolade, Inc ACCD7795133
20. Schrödinger, Inc SDGR566786
21. Inspire Medical Systems, Inc INSP8.0116.43295182
22. MTBC, Inc MTBC10.0210.4718.32324325164
23. Simulations Plus, Inc SLP3.633.924.445.495.214.755.868.868.979.1410.7111.729.7910.2611.5318.3119.9718.3124303442
24. iCAD, Inc ICAD7.794.8456.522319.7719.7227372825292833444226282631
25. OptimizeRx Corporation OPRX2.054.966.57.227.7512.132125
26. Streamline Health Solutions, Inc STRM10.479.5810.9413.4612.812.7516.1315.8716.5616.2918.2117.6117.122428282827242221
27. HTG Molecular Diagnostics, Inc HTGM2.243.334.045.1314.762219.2
28. DATATRAK International, Inc DTRK1.992.254.727.0511.3115.7417.6910.568.836.947.397.939.7210.911.019.968.987.527.457.74
29. CareView Communications, Inc CRVW000.631.632.
30. MobileSmith, Inc MOST1.030.470.480.340.881.821.873.452.322.8
31. CardioComm Solutions, Inc EKGGF1.852.231.621.61.31.731.561.741.080.87
32. Binovi Technologies Corp EYCCF0000.
33. DIAGNOS Inc DGNOF1.341.482.450.560.632.391.610.330.33
34. Telo Genomics Corp TDSGF000000
35. Change Healthcare Inc CHNG31000197
36. VisualMED Clinical Solutions Corp VMCS000000.310.361.160.391.541.451.78
37. Cytta Corp CYCA0000.040000
38. Net Medical Xpress Solutions, Inc NMXS0.761.281.661.
39. MedLink International, Inc MLKNA0.
40. Nano Mobile Healthcare, Inc VNTH00000
41. Natural Health Farm Holdings Inc NHEL00000.05
42. Aspyra Inc APYI7.225.957.837.387.667.2112.6910.278.53
43. CompuMed, Inc CMPD1.911.931.961.811.862.
44. Quture International, Inc QUTR00.020.040
45. Maclos Capital Inc LMSMF0.881.352.464.852.290.9100000000
46. NewCardio, Inc NWCI0000.26
47. InnoVision Labs, Inc INVS000.110.28
48. Decision Diagnostics Corp DECN19.6118.9112.116.20.430.511.091.882.240
49. Caduceus Software Systems Corp CSOC0000000
50. Kallo Inc KALO000000

Revenue Growth

Display GDP growth per year to compare with Revenue Change
1. Cerner Corporation CERN1.341.341.391.
2. Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc MDRX1.011.011.431.281.131.8210.9511.
3. Omnicell, Inc OMCL1.
4. Veeva Systems Inc VEEV2.112.111.621.491.311.331.261.261.28
5. Evolent Health, Inc EVH2.52.50.962.621.711.441.35
6. Inovalon Holdings, Inc INOV0.990.991.221.210.981.051.171.22
7. HMS Holdings Corp HMSY0.
8. Teladoc Health, Inc TDOC2.192.191.781.591.891.821.31
9. NextGen Healthcare, Inc NXGN1.
10. GoodRx Holdings, Inc GDRX1.561.56
11. Tabula Rasa HealthCare, Inc TRHC1.451.451.341.431.521.39
12. Computer Programs and Systems, Inc CPSI1.
13. HealthStream, Inc HSTM1.
14. Vocera Communications, Inc VCRA1.
15. Health Catalyst, Inc HCAT1.541.541.38
16. Castlight Health, Inc CSLT3.123.123.521.651.351.291.190.92
17. Phreesia, Inc PHR1.251.251.25
18. NantHealth, Inc NH1.361.362.170.861.031.07
19. Accolade, Inc ACCD1.231.231.4
20. Schrödinger, Inc SDGR1.21.21.28
21. Inspire Medical Systems, Inc INSP2.052.051.741.771.62
22. MTBC, Inc MTBC1.051.051.751.
23. Simulations Plus, Inc SLP1.
24. iCAD, Inc ICAD0.620.621.031.33.570.8511.351.410.750.871.170.991.171.330.950.631.070.911.22
25. OptimizeRx Corporation OPRX2.422.421.311.111.071.561.751.16
26. Streamline Health Solutions, Inc STRM0.910.911.141.230.9511.260.981.040.981.120.970.971.391.20.971.020.960.90.920.93
27. HTG Molecular Diagnostics, Inc HTGM1.481.481.211.272.881.460.89
28. DATATRAK International, Inc DTRK1.
29. CareView Communications, Inc CRVWNANNANINF2.591.271.481.681.161.050.971.03
30. MobileSmith, Inc MOST0.450.451.030.712.592.071.021.850.671.21
31. CardioComm Solutions, Inc EKGGF1.211.210.720.990.811.330.91.120.620.81
32. Binovi Technologies Corp EYCCFNANNANNANINF1.431.026.741.03
33. DIAGNOS Inc DGNOF1.111.111.650.231.113.810.670.21.02
35. Change Healthcare Inc CHNG00NANINF
36. VisualMED Clinical Solutions Corp VMCSNANNANNANNANNANINF1.153.260.343.970.941.23
37. Cytta Corp CYCANANNANINF19.530.061.250NAN
38. Net Medical Xpress Solutions, Inc NMXS1.691.691.30.780.781.370.651.081.662.240.950.921.221.230.950.920.720.93
39. MedLink International, Inc MLKNA1.521.521.540.090NANINF23.340.345.5111.52
40. Nano Mobile Healthcare, Inc VNTHNANNANNANNANNAN
41. Natural Health Farm Holdings Inc NHELNANNANINF0INF
42. Aspyra Inc APYI0.820.821.320.941.040.941.760.810.83
43. CompuMed, Inc CMPD1.
44. Quture International, Inc QUTRINFINF2.060
45. Maclos Capital Inc LMSMF1.541.541.821.970.470.40NANNANNANNANNANNANNAN
47. InnoVision Labs, Inc INVSNANNANINF2.55
48. Decision Diagnostics Corp DECN0.960.960.640.510.
49. Caduceus Software Systems Corp CSOCNANNANNANNANNANNANNAN