Consumer Electronics

I always look at economics of the business
A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush and the question is how sure are you there are 2 in the bush and how long you have to wait to get them out
1. How many birds are in the bush?
2. When you gonna get them out?
3. How sure are you?
If interest rates are 15% roughly you've got 2 birds out of bush in 5 years equal to bird in the hand but if interest rates are 3% and you can get 2 birds out in 20 years it still makes sense to give up the bird in the hand because it's all gets back to discounting an interest rate. Often you don't know not only how many birds in the bush but in the case of internet companies there were not any birds in the bush but they still take the bird that you give them from the hand
Loop through all the subindustries and try to understand how many birds are in the bush from the perspective of economics of the business


Display GDP grow per year to compare with Revenue Change
1. Sony Corporation SNE63,08258,51857,10862,28072,08166,77563,63270,56688,69178,87777,23886,77278,49971,92975,4258,215,8808,105,7127,603,2508,543,9828,665,6878,259,885
2. Sharp Corporation SHCAY16,36513,66516,83421,49823,96124,11326,73334,52328,71629,50736,51529,80026,32328,42523,22702,050,6392,427,2712,400,0722,271,248
3. Garmin Ltd GRMN3463694655737631,0281,7743,1803,4942,9462,6902,7592,7162,6322,8712,8203,0193,0873,3473,758
4. Sonos, Inc SONO08449019019931,1371,2611,326
5. GoPro, Inc GPRO5269861,3941,6201,1851,1801,1481,195
6. Roku, Inc ROKU3203995137431,129
7. Universal Electronics Inc UEIC125119104120158181236273287318332469463529562603651696680753
8. ZAGG Inc ZAGG5.1419.793876179264219262269402520538522
9. Turtle Beach Corporation HEAR0.080.250.56186163174149287235
10. The Singing Machine Company, Inc SMDM19.033462967138322734322119.17263431394953614641
11. D-BOX Technologies Inc DBOXF3.524.476.898.9114.0215.9216.232931353426
12. Koss Corporation KOSS364038354241514747424142383624242624242218.31
13. Emerson Radio Corp MSN2053773183482643212342842232012072011631287876462115.028.986.29
14. Vuzix Corporation VUZI012.2613.053.232.393.032.752.135.548.096.67
15. Exeo Entertainment, Inc EXEO000.
16. Rockford Corporation ROFO1451581691721701361038969535461
17. LOUD Technologies Inc LTEC2072071881311232042152080
18. Mad Catz Interactive, Inc MCZAF73568392102112101100881131191841181239086134
19. Location Based Technologies, Inc LBAS0.020.951.921.7

Revenue Growth

Display GDP growth per year to compare with Revenue Change
1. Sony Corporation SNE0.930.930.981.091.160.930.951.111.260.890.981.120.90.921.05108.930.990.941.121.010.95
2. Sharp Corporation SHCAY0.840.841.
3. Garmin Ltd GRMN1.
4. Sonos, Inc SONOINFINF1.0711.
5. GoPro, Inc GPRO1.871.871.411.160.7310.971.04
6. Roku, Inc ROKU1.
7. Universal Electronics Inc UEIC0.950.950.871.161.311.
8. ZAGG Inc ZAGG3.853.851.941.982.351.480.831.191.031.491.291.040.97
9. Turtle Beach Corporation HEAR3.13.12.28331.930.871.070.861.930.82
10. The Singing Machine Company, Inc SMDM1.
11. D-BOX Technologies Inc DBOXF1.271.271.541.291.571.141.021.791.081.130.960.76
12. Koss Corporation KOSS1.11.10.950.921.20.991.250.911.020.890.971.020.910.940.671.021.070.930.980.930.84
13. Emerson Radio Corp MSN1.841.840.841.090.761.220.731.220.780.91.030.970.810.790.610.980.60.460.710.60.7
14. Vuzix Corporation VUZIINFINF1.070.250.741.270.910.772.61.460.82
15. Exeo Entertainment, Inc EXEOINFINF7.491.060.430.4326.22
16. Rockford Corporation ROFO1.
17. LOUD Technologies Inc LTEC110.910.70.941.661.050.970
18. Mad Catz Interactive, Inc MCZAF0.770.771.
19. Location Based Technologies, Inc LBAS55.8755.872.020.89